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General discussion / Gladiator
« Last post by oehjg on 07 January 2019, 16:09:48 »
Does anyone have a .json file for a gladiator for me? My Gladi does not work properly, he does not use the skills properly or stops suddenly and makes only autoattack. I seem to have a mistake in the skills in there somewhere but I can not find it
General discussion / attack mobs from other players
« Last post by oehjg on 28 December 2018, 05:59:42 »

i have a Problem, the bot attack the Mobs from other Players :/

how can i change this
General discussion / Re: Purchasing and the possible ways of payment.
« Last post by samxls79 on 27 November 2018, 23:39:01 »
hello, did you increase the price of 30 days ? It now costs double than before.

Can other users confirm ?
Rubot / Нужен бот для 4.6 версии айон
« Last post by gsa08121974 on 12 October 2018, 13:06:10 »
Hronos дай ссылку на бота для 4.6 версии
Общее / Re: На 2018 октябрь на офе бот робит?
« Last post by Hronos on 10 October 2018, 22:24:44 »
Работает только на европеском офе без доп ПО.
Общее / На 2018 октябрь на офе бот робит?
« Last post by Titanisch01 on 04 October 2018, 18:49:48 »
Вероятно многим интересно особенно гостям сайта , как и мне . Работает ли на офе в принципе? Если работает то с доп ПО ?) , или же работает даже без ПО. Кто обладает информацией ответьте конкретно . Пожалуйста!
General discussion / what is my vedic astrology
« Last post by EuniceBowm on 27 August 2018, 17:02:11 »
may 12 birthday astrology astronomy vs astrology essays always astrology scorpio pig astrology traits lords of the houses in vedic astrology august 18 astrology astrology for may best conjunctions in astrology astrology june 7 birthday astrology sagittarius june 2017 raj yoga in astrology all about astrology houses june 18 birthday astrology what is the astrological sign for january 29 astrology signs for june 14 where to learn astrology in delhi rising sign in vedic astrology free hindu astrological predictions astrological sign may chinese astrology pregnancy prediction will i ever have a baby astrology astrology sun sign calculator compatible astrological signs for sagittarius health astrology through date of birth what is the astrology sign for august astrology for january 31 sep 21 astrology sign astrology ephemeris 2019 astrological signs taurus and gemini online astrology in tamil birthday signs and symbols astrology kp astrology study material astrology readings today astrology 14 july astrology products wholesale primal astrology reliable astrology upanayanam medical astrology cancer venus astrology dates cafe astrology libra 2017 dates for vedic astrology saptharishi astrological sciences astrology zone july gemini astrologers near me may 9 astrology sign mountain astrologer eclipse 2017 pandit ravi shankar astrology astronomical clock prague entrance fee celtic astrology history truth in the science of astrology aak plant astrology
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